The Ocean is my Home. There is no other place I feel more comfortable. 

Do you feel it ?

... and this is how it all started

Who am I?

I’m Sarah Krumbeck some friends also call me Becks. 
I grew up in a small fishing town called Flensburg far up north in Germany. 
Some might wonder about the story behind my sunkissed skin … 
I’ve been blessed to be part thai and part german. 

Growing up so close to the sea taught me a lot about how to treat nature right and how to interact with nature. It also helped to be raised by a spiritual and open mined family. Especially my mum taught me a lot about the ocean and the environment which is surrounding it. Sometimes I still believe that I’ve been secretly raised by a mermaid tho.

My Spirit

We spend our days on the beach whenever we could. I was always one of these kids which collected everything from the beach to display it at home. Since we lived so close by the sea, my collection of beach – goodies were quite ambitious. 

My grandparents have had a major impact on my spiritual believes (especially my Opa). He taught me always to be kind, to be fair, and to be brave. And gave me the feeling that everything is possible. 

After my travels overseas and putting my mind together, I decided to quit my old job (which was a federal office job btw) and finally dedicate my life to art. 

My Jewellery – Journey

It was a struggle for sure. There were times where I felt so lost… didn’t know how it might turn out… didn’t know how to manage everything… and didn’t know if the art I’ll be offering will be liked by anybody. 

My sister and one of my closest friends encouraged me a lot during that time. 

While I was on my journey to find the path through it all I met „Herr Barz“. With him I discovered my passion for making jewellery. He invited me to work side by side in his smithy and taught me everything I know about the art of goldsmithing. And for that I will always be so grateful. 

Surfrider Foundation 

Meanwhile I became a member and part of the Surfrider Foundation Europe.  My work at the Surfrider Foundation is underlining my passion for the ocean. This passion can also be seen in my jewellery. 

It’s all about helping people to rise awareness about the fact that our planet needs our protection. 

Your qoco – jewellery is crafted with drift glass. It’s collected whenever I’m doing a beach-clean-up. Sometimes I also get small batches of drift glass send by you after you went to the beach and did a beach-clean-up.  

quality of clean oceans 

I couldn’t be happier about the community that has build up over the years. I am so proud of the QOCOUNITY that we’ve become.

Some of you might also be wearing jewellery with macro plastic pieces. I love using those pieces to make your jewellery a bigger statement. 

The silver I’m using is also mostly recycled silver. I’m buying it from a place where people sell their old jewellery to. It gets melted and cleaned and reused by goldsmiths. 

So go check out our shop and get your unique piece of statement that stands for a better quality of our oceans. 

And come join the QOCOUNITY. 

… if you wanna read more about me and all the stories come follow me to my BLOG.

I might also tell the story about how I fell in love with HAWAII …

sea you soon !