Handmade Jewellery


quality of clean oceans

Creating treasures while cleaning up our beaches. 

Wear your qoco-jewellry proudly as a token from the ocean. 

Keeping in mind to protect what you love is always worth a fight.

Let us all fight together for the 





The Boho-Collection

Includes rings, necklaces, earrings, hairjewellery

And whatever your mermaid heart is wishing for.


I like to dance with the ocean, the undertow and the waves. 

– Grandma Tala (Moana)              

The name for this series is inspired by strong, independet women just like you.  Traditional baroque; wild and free like Pocahontas; brave and adventures like Moana

Qoco-jewellery is made of recycled stirling silver. The most characteristic item of our Beach-jewellery is drift glass  which is collected while doing beach-clean-ups.


The Edge-Collection

Is all about keeping it simple. 

Whether it’s a ring, a necklace or a bracelet.

The Motion-Collection

Is the newest collection. 

It significant double wire and the motion within will transfer you to the ocean watching the waves rolling in. 


The only collection that comes in one size !



The Wave-Collection 

Symbolizes the deep connection to the sea. 


The Krabbe-Collection

It’s cheeky, funny, cool and holds on thight to the beautiful drift glass. 

Mermaid tears      

Folklore has it that mermaids yearn for company below the water and lure men to join them-for eternity. One mermaid so loved a ship’s captain that she didn’t want to see him end his days in the sea. When the captain lost his footing aboard the ship during a storm and fell overboard, rather than call him to her the mermaid calmed the sea to save him. This was a tragic mistake for her: although mermaids have all the powers of the sea within their grasp they are forbidden by Neptune to use them to interfere in human affairs. As punishment, she was banned to the bottom of the ocean, never again to swim to the surface-or see her beloved captain. Her tears are said to come to us as beautiful pieces of glass in stunning, crystallized colours



Contact me anytime for

a special and very unique piece of art. 

Whether it’s for :

birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, weddings, christmas, valentinesday or to make yourself a nice present.

We are going to hop into a journey and you get to design your unique master piece with me. Out comes the jewellery that you always wished for.